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I am super pleased with this lovely little jumper I made for my latest collection! It has long straps that you can wrap in different ways just like my infinity dress. I love rompers, but they are hard to fit lengthwise in the torso. The adjustable straps on Infinity Jumper make it so much easier to get a flattering fit. (That’s my adorable friend Hannah Modeling it) You can get your hands on an Infinity Jumper in my Etsy shop or try sewing one yourself, I had a lot of fun making this.


I recently made a dress that I really love and it wasn’t too hard to make so I thought I’d make a quick tutorial for it. Its a lovely, simple dress with a lot of opportunities to add your own design flair!  Describing how to make a pattern through a tutorial is difficult but luckily it has a loose fit and an elastic waistband so its not crucial that its perfect.  I will do my best to convey clear instructions and I hope that you love your dress! If you don’t want to make it you can buy it here, on my Etsy. 


  • 1 3/4 yds of a 60″ wide fabric. I used a soft rayon challis, anything flowy and drapey.
  • 20″ of a contrasting rayon fabric. Again, anything flowy/drapey and at least 60″ wide.
  • 1 yd 1″ wide elastic.
  • optional: 1/4yd elastic for straps, piping, any other sort of trim you might want. 
  1. First, cut your pieces.  Below is an illustration on how to draft your pattern. (Click to enlarge) 
  2. On the dress piece iron a crease from notch to notch, repeat for back piece.  This crease will serve as a guide for the waistband elastic.
  3. Sew dress pieces together at sides.
  4. Wrap a piece of elastic snugly around your waist to measure. Sew elastic into a loop.
  5. Make 4 marks on the elastic dividing it into 4 equal parts, make 4 marks on dress as well.
  6. Pin elastic to dress on the wrong side of fabric dividing it into 4 equal quadrants.
  7. Zig zag stitch elastic to dress stretching elastic as you sew.
  8. Now you need to finish the neckline and armholes.  You have some options, I used piping on the neckline and a rolled hem to finish the arm holes.  This is a place where your creativity can come into play.
  9. Attach straps.  To keep the boatneck effect I made my straps 6″, if you make them longer you are going to get a more drapey, slouchy neckline.
  10. Cut your contrasting fabric into 2 10″x60″ rectangles to make your ruffle pieces. Join pieces in a circle.
  11. The contrasting fabric is going to be gathered and sewn onto the hem of the dress piece. To do this, make 2 parallel rows of long stitches (3mm).  Mark 4 equal sections on ruffle piece, make marks on bottom of dress.
  12. Pin the pieces together at 4 quadrants and pull bobbin strings to create ruffles and distribute them evenly.
  13. Sew the pieces together.
  14. Hem! Trim excess threads…and you’re done!!!!
  15. Wear with happiness! 

 After years of thinking about it, I have finally opened an Etsy shop! Its called Dreamboat Dresses and I’m selling some of my designs there so you should definitely go check it out.  I am really really excited!  I would love any feedback or suggestions or things you would like to see, let me know.  I will be adding more items shortly. I hope you like it!  Have a dreamy day.

I have been crafting up a storm in preparation for my grand Argentine adventure (I leave on Tuesday!). I realized I was in need of a safe place to keep my passport and money. I made a nifty holder out of Heather Ross ukulele fabric and an old necklace.

I already packed away my machine, so I had to do all the sewing by hand.

It turned out loveably sloppy and just right.


Yesterday me and my super crafty friends Megan (, Dana and Julia ( got together to do a photo shoot for an article being written about the Craftacular Wonder Fair.  I am wearing a pleated wrap dress that I made for my birthday this year out of cotton/linen echino fabric.  Dana (center) is wearing the Oktober dress from the Built by Wendy Dresses book (which is a totally amazing book for people who are interested in learning how to make their own patterns) and Megan is wearing a super cute dress that she designed herself and made out of Nancy Mims Free to Grow organic cotton.

Julia was behind the scenes taking pictures but here are some of her leather coin purses… 

In case you didn’t notice, it has been ages since I did any blogging, but I’m back!  There are lots of crafty and exciting things going on in my life right now:

1.I am organizing a Craftacular Wonder Fair for the fabric store where I work.   It is going to be an amazing smorgasbord of crafts, vendors, art and inspiration! Not to mention face painting, food and a fabric sale.  If you are anywhere near Santa Cruz, CA you should do whatever it takes to get here!  Here is a link to the Facebook event.

2. I am making a mini collection that I am selling at a booth with my awesome creative friend Megan (here is a link to her blog) Its the first time I’ve done something like this and I am feeling a little nervous/vulnerable/excited.  I’ll post pictures of this later.

3. Our local weekly newspaper, the Goodtimes, is doing an article on the Craftacular!  More on this later.

4. I have a one way plane ticket to Argentina and am leaving on September 20th!  This blog will temporarily be converted to an adventure traveling crafter blog so I can let you know about all the cool sewing and fabric related stuff I find.

I saw this dress as a project in vol. 4 of the Quick Stuff To Sew magazine.  It was insanely easy to make and I love it so much!  Its so flowy and bohemian…

The dress is essentially a circle skirt with two really long straps sewn onto the front.  You can wrap the straps around you in different ways to make a smorgasbord of dresses!  Heres a link to a tutorial and some strap wrapping inspiration.

The magazine shows you how to create a ton of different looks… it would be so perfect for traveling.  This girl made the same one and has some great tips to share.  Have fun sewing!