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I am super pleased with this lovely little jumper I made for my latest collection! It has long straps that you can wrap in different ways just like my infinity dress. I love rompers, but they are hard to fit lengthwise in the torso. The adjustable straps on Infinity Jumper make it so much easier to get a flattering fit. (That’s my adorable friend Hannah Modeling it) You can get your hands on an Infinity Jumper in my Etsy shop or try sewing one yourself, I had a lot of fun making this.


 After years of thinking about it, I have finally opened an Etsy shop! Its called Dreamboat Dresses and I’m selling some of my designs there so you should definitely go check it out.  I am really really excited!  I would love any feedback or suggestions or things you would like to see, let me know.  I will be adding more items shortly. I hope you like it!  Have a dreamy day.

I saw this dress as a project in vol. 4 of the Quick Stuff To Sew magazine.  It was insanely easy to make and I love it so much!  Its so flowy and bohemian…

The dress is essentially a circle skirt with two really long straps sewn onto the front.  You can wrap the straps around you in different ways to make a smorgasbord of dresses!  Heres a link to a tutorial and some strap wrapping inspiration.

The magazine shows you how to create a ton of different looks… it would be so perfect for traveling.  This girl made the same one and has some great tips to share.  Have fun sewing!

I got this awesome woven silk a while back.  I only got a yard so I had to make something kinda small.

I used a really simple design… that I can just pull it over without a zipper or buttons.   It needed some extra pizazz so I sewed a bunch of buttons around the neckline.

It was a quick and easy project.  I really like how it turned out… I can wear it with leggings or jeans!

Thanks for looking!

I am so in LOVE with this dress.  I have been dreaming about the Liberty of London fabric at my fabric store for sometime now, so I finally broke down and splurged on it.  It is the softest, most fantastic, most expensive fabric I have ever sewn with!

I used black silk chiffon for the yoke and insert in the skirt.  One of my favorite things about this dress is the back…

another necessary dress amenity… POCKETS!!!!

Sometimes I get caught up in wanting to make a new dress every week and I forget how incredible it feels to spend a long time sewing something perfectly.  I beam with happiness every time I see this dress.

Now I just have to save up so I can get this fabric and make my Liberty a sister dress.  Thanks for looking!

I LOVE Colette Patterns!  In case you don’t know they are an independent pattern company based out of Portland.  They make gorgeous vintage inspired dresses that flatter a variety of sizes (it seems like they were designed with curvy girls in mind).  Here is their adorable blog!  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

This dress has 16 buttons down the front, needless to say it was extremely tedious but worth it in the end.  I changed the sleeves to a simple cap, the pattern features a gathered fuller one that I didn’t really love.

I love this dress, its so fresh and sunny.  Thanks for looking!

This is a tutorial for the little lace dress I made a while back.  This time I made it with a purple voile.  It is designed to be easy to make and wear, you can probably bust one of these suckers out in a few hours.  It fits loosely and you can take it on and off without any buttons or zippers.  This dress would work in almost any fabric… knits, wovens, you name it… but I have to say, I prefer how it turned out in the lace.  A fabric with a little weight and drape to it also serves this dress well.

In my descriptions I tried to add links wherever possible for added help.  So here goes…

You will need:

  • some pattern paper (I used some old wrapping paper)
  • scissors, measuring tape, ruler, pencil, pins, etc.
  • roughly 2 yards of fabric (measure the total length that you want your dress to be, from shoulder to hem and double it, add 4″ or so to be safe

Making your pattern:

  1. Measure the full desired length for your dress from shoulder to hem, mark this length on the edge of pattern paper
  2. Measure from nipple to shoulder mark length on edge of paper
  3. Measure your bust at its fullest point.  divide it by 4 and add 1″ (example: 36/4+1=10).  Draw a line this length starting at the point you marked in step 2. (the green line in the picture)
  4. Measure across the front of your chest (armpit to armpit) and divide by 2.  Draw a line this length starting at the top mark you made in step 1.
  5. Measure the top of your shoulder to the fullest part of your hips and mark that along the side of your pattern paper.
  6. Measure the fullest part of your hip, divide it by 4 and add 2″ (example: 40/4+2=12).  Draw a line this length from the mark you made in step 5.
  7. Round out your armhole at the top and the hem at the bottom, connect your lines to create the outline of your piece!  Yay you’re done! Cut out your piece and get ready for some sewing!

Sewing Instructions:

  1. Place the flat edge of your pattern piece on the fold of your fabric and cut out, this will be the front of your dress.  Repeat to make back piece.  Cut out a rectangle of fabric about 10″ x 60″, this will be your collar.
  2. Lay front and back pieces right sides together and sew up side seams. Don’t forget to finish your seams,  Here is a helpful list of options.
  3. Now you need to finish your armholes.  This is an awesome tutorial on how to do a really tidy bias tape finish.  I opted for a more time effective approach of just turning and stitching twice.
  4. About a 1/2″ from the top of your armholes do a short 1/2″ or so stitch to join the front and back at the shoulder.
  5. Take your collar piece and sew the edges together making a large loop.  Gather this down to the size of your neck opening.
  6. Pin gathered collar to neck opening WRONG SIDES TOGETHER.  Stitch.  Finish seam.  The collar will fold down over the seam you made, so it won’t really be seen.
  7. Finish edge of collar, hem the bottom and add in your own creative ideas.  Maybe some applique or embroidery…cute trim… a matching belt (or go belt-less), the possibilities are endless. 

I am new to making tutorials and would LOVE your feedback!  If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below.  Thank you so much of looking and have fun sewing!