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I am super pleased with this lovely little jumper I made for my latest collection! It has long straps that you can wrap in different ways just like my infinity dress. I love rompers, but they are hard to fit lengthwise in the torso. The adjustable straps on Infinity Jumper make it so much easier to get a flattering fit. (That’s my adorable friend Hannah Modeling it) You can get your hands on an Infinity Jumper in my Etsy shop or try sewing one yourself, I had a lot of fun making this.



I made this little cutie in a couple of hours… It was super easy and I love it so much. I found the pattern on Ravelry, but it is from Cornflower Blue a totally cute blog!


It’s done! I made the Short Row Sweater from the Purl Bee and I’m so so so excited. It was easy to make… the hardest part was staying patient. Knitting is like a really trying meditation in contentment and valuing the slow process. I never really got into knitting before because I wasn’t sure if after spending weeks on a shirt I would feel that if had been worth the time. But the joy of watching a ball of yarn turn into something special has consumed me and although I miss my sewing machine like crazy, knitting has definitely found a permanent place in my craft life.


The yarn is a soft cotton wool blend that I got at a shop here in Bariloche. I was having a really hard time choosing a color, so I just made it striped! I would definitely recommend this project, the instructions were clear and you end up with something totally adorable.

Also, this guy happens to be perfect for the insane sunburn I have on my back right now.

20111226-052500.jpg …what to do next?!?! Maybe something with cables.

I finished my cowl! This is my first completed knitting project and I am SO pleased with it. The only problem is that it’s summer here in the southern hemisphere and I don’t really see any opportunities to wear it in the near future. It’s ok, I’ll just stare at it lovingly until I find myself somewhere cold.

I found the bandana cowl pattern on, but it is originally from the Purlbee. The instructions were easy to follow (even for a novice like me). I got a little lost at one point but found my way after reading the comments on the post.

I got the yarn at an amazing shop called Lanas La Rueca in Bariloche. They have a great selection of regional patagonian yarns that you could stare at for hours. Their address is: P. Moreno 879 near Carrefour. Definitely go there if you are in Bariloche, the ladies there are so lovely and so patient…they put up with me for an hour as I “que es eso”-ed at every yarn in the shop. Also, if you need it one of them speaks english!

Now I’m working on the Short Row Sweater from Purlbee!

I have been crafting up a storm in preparation for my grand Argentine adventure (I leave on Tuesday!). I realized I was in need of a safe place to keep my passport and money. I made a nifty holder out of Heather Ross ukulele fabric and an old necklace.

I already packed away my machine, so I had to do all the sewing by hand.

It turned out loveably sloppy and just right.


I saw this dress as a project in vol. 4 of the Quick Stuff To Sew magazine.  It was insanely easy to make and I love it so much!  Its so flowy and bohemian…

The dress is essentially a circle skirt with two really long straps sewn onto the front.  You can wrap the straps around you in different ways to make a smorgasbord of dresses!  Heres a link to a tutorial and some strap wrapping inspiration.

The magazine shows you how to create a ton of different looks… it would be so perfect for traveling.  This girl made the same one and has some great tips to share.  Have fun sewing!

I got this awesome woven silk a while back.  I only got a yard so I had to make something kinda small.

I used a really simple design… that I can just pull it over without a zipper or buttons.   It needed some extra pizazz so I sewed a bunch of buttons around the neckline.

It was a quick and easy project.  I really like how it turned out… I can wear it with leggings or jeans!

Thanks for looking!