My BFF Megan (here is her blog) recently developed a passion for stamp-making. She went nuts going around making adorable, custom stamps for everyone with their favorite thing, she made me an AVOCADO! Anyway she offered to teach me her ways and we spent a rainy Sunday stamp-making and documentary watching for 8 HOURS! I love making stamps!!! I made a unicorn, a koala playing a ukulele and finally, my masterpiece, Snooki thinking about a pickle. The other day while dreaming about stamps I had an awesome idea! I thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could just stamp a page every time I wanted to make a fashion drawing. Anyway, that’s what this post is about.

Firstly, you’re going to need supplies. I bought this kit at my local art store for about $14. It has a carving tool with two different heads and a sheet of rubber.
Then you’re going to need a pencil drawing. If you don’t feel comfortable freehand drawing one, that’s totally ok, you can trace one!
Cool! Now you need to transfer your drawing onto the rubber stamp material. You can do this by laying your drawing face down on the rubber and then rubbing the back with the side of your pencil like this:
Mine came out a little fuzzy, so I went through with a pencil and sharpened up the lines.
Now you’re ready to start carving! You need to leave a small ridge where all the pencil lines are. I started by doing the small detail work. After you get the outline you can start carving out the meat of it! Careful in small places! And then that’s it! You’re ready to start stampin’! You can mount your stamp on a piece of wood for more accurate and even stamping.