There is a giant fabric district in Buenos Aires, Argentina! I found it by accident while taking a bus to the mythical yarn district (more on that later). As a fabric lover who showed up in Argentina with a limited Spanish vocabulary I was thrilled at the amount of “fabrica” stores I was seeing… unfortunately that means factory (tela is fabric), and until that fateful bus ride I hadn’t seen much. This magical stretch of tiendas de tela is along Avenida Lavalle between Junin and Pueyrredón in what I think is the Monserrat neighborhood. There are lots of suiting and fashion fabrics, discount stuff, etc. If you’re a fabric lover in Buenos Aires you should definitely check it out!

The yarn district:
There are a bunch of really awesome looking yarn shops on Avenida Scalbrini Ortiz around the 900 block up near Palermo Hollywood. Unfortunately I went on a Saturday afternoon and literally every single one was closed. Hopefully you’ll have better luck!