It’s done! I made the Short Row Sweater from the Purl Bee and I’m so so so excited. It was easy to make… the hardest part was staying patient. Knitting is like a really trying meditation in contentment and valuing the slow process. I never really got into knitting before because I wasn’t sure if after spending weeks on a shirt I would feel that if had been worth the time. But the joy of watching a ball of yarn turn into something special has consumed me and although I miss my sewing machine like crazy, knitting has definitely found a permanent place in my craft life.


The yarn is a soft cotton wool blend that I got at a shop here in Bariloche. I was having a really hard time choosing a color, so I just made it striped! I would definitely recommend this project, the instructions were clear and you end up with something totally adorable.

Also, this guy happens to be perfect for the insane sunburn I have on my back right now.

20111226-052500.jpg …what to do next?!?! Maybe something with cables.