I recently got a job at a bar in Bariloche and have been adjusting quite nicely to my cozy new life in this amazingly beautiful town. It feels good to have a daily routine after a few months of traveling. Bariloche is a wonderland of trekking, adventure, crystal clear lakes and good feelings. You can’t help but be happy here with adorable dogs on every corner and snow capped mountains in every direction. 

My job leaves all of my days free and being thousands of miles away from my sewing machine I had to find something for my busy hands. That’s where the knitting comes in, I found a couple awesome yarn (lana) shops in town and spent an obscene amount of time on Ravelry cruising projects.  In case you don´t know Ravelry.com is an online knit and crochet community with tons of patterns and inspiration.  I have settled on the Bandana Cowl from Purlbee (the cutest blog/shop in the world), and its going pretty well.

I have a sordid history with knitting and crocheting.  I´ll have a burst of inspiration and attempt a project thats way too hard for me, throw it away and swear to never knit again!  This time is different.  I am loving the process, taking it slow, I love how knitting shuts my brain off.