In case you didn’t notice, it has been ages since I did any blogging, but I’m back!  There are lots of crafty and exciting things going on in my life right now:

1.I am organizing a Craftacular Wonder Fair for the fabric store where I work.   It is going to be an amazing smorgasbord of crafts, vendors, art and inspiration! Not to mention face painting, food and a fabric sale.  If you are anywhere near Santa Cruz, CA you should do whatever it takes to get here!  Here is a link to the Facebook event.

2. I am making a mini collection that I am selling at a booth with my awesome creative friend Megan (here is a link to her blog) Its the first time I’ve done something like this and I am feeling a little nervous/vulnerable/excited.  I’ll post pictures of this later.

3. Our local weekly newspaper, the Goodtimes, is doing an article on the Craftacular!  More on this later.

4. I have a one way plane ticket to Argentina and am leaving on September 20th!  This blog will temporarily be converted to an adventure traveling crafter blog so I can let you know about all the cool sewing and fabric related stuff I find.