My 14 year old sister is going to her FIRST formal dance and I was obviously overjoyed when she asked me to help her make a dress. 

Its her first sewing project and she did stupendously!  Georgia is a rare breed of 14 year old, she is so self confident and sure of who she is.  She spends most of her time kicking ass at kung-fu or editing her latest novel.  She is a total tomboy and not only is this her first handmade dress, but her first dress period.

She chose Burda pattern 8174.  She used a gorgeous dark grey linen and purple lace for the skirt overlay.  She plans to wear it with black Converse to the dance.

She has all the makings of a fabulous seamstress; she’s patient, detail oriented and loves pressing.  Here she is at the machine:

I’m so proud and so excited for her… not to mention the dress turned out perfect!

I love that girl!