I was noticing that all the lace dresses I make are little, and its mostly due to how expensive lace is.  I guess that is the case with most of my dresses, the length and fullness of the skirts varies based on my economic situation! I made this little lady out of 1 yard of and I think it turned out kinda fabulous!

This fabric had one of my FAVORITE qualities… finished edges.  I don’t know if a name exists yet for that type of collar, but I’d love some suggestions.  The hem also employed the finished edge of the fabric.  This project was so quick and easy… I went into a mad flurry of chopping and stitching and turned this out in about 2 hours.

The belt buckle is my one of my faves.  It is an old one that I inherited from my grandma’s sewing stash and it suits almost any outfit.  I attached wide black elastic to it to so I could use it around my waist.  I’m thinking of recreating this dress in a solid knit or maybe another lace that I can make it a little longer with! Either way I’m open to suggestions, what do you think?